About Us

Emerge. Develop. Thrive

Our Vision

Is to be the leader in workplace solutions and to achieve sustainable self-employment opportunities for our inner and wider community.

Our Mission

AMS is to become the most sought-after workplace host, through strategic corporate partnerships, sponsorships and alliances that will provide unparalleled support in empowering others in their self-employment journey, and further retain top talent.

Our Objective

The objective of AMS is to empower and enable individuals to realise self-employment opportunities, through interactive and engaging workshops with professional associations, building a sound, responsible and secure future for oneself.

Our Values

Emerge. Develop. Thrive

Relationships: Sound, trusting and long lasting

Accountability: Transparent to those we serve

Quality: As if your business were our own

Passion: Realise your highest potential

Growth: Secure investment within AMS


Letter from the founder

Emerge. Develop. Thrive

AMS was founded in 2009, when I was faced with unexpected challenges and the reality of having to become self employed. With sheer determination, dedication and passion, I have nurtured the AMS vision and have never given up , it is my drive to inspire and empower others to do the same.

AMS has blossomed into a well-respected and credible skills development organisation that has placed successful learnerships and generated multiple job opportunities. We are passionate about skills development, transformation and job creation.

  • To EMERGE; people require skills, support and mentorship, AMS provides a secure support structure as a workplace host.
  • At AMS people DEVELOP through preparation, learning and development. In partnering with our clients we assist in building of a sound, responsible and secure future.
  • Our goal is to see people THRIVE through self-development, innovative self-employment opportunities and realise their own economic success.

AMS seeks to increase its learnership numbers, be the “go to” sought-after workplace host, change community and drive self employment initiatives through strategic corporate partnerships, sponsorships and alliances.

Yours Sincerely,

Cara Downing